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The use of Depakote

The drug Depakote is aimed at suppressing seizures of epilepsy and improving the patient’s condition.


Each patient requires an individual dosage regimen of the drug Depakote.

The initial dose for children weighing more than 25 kg and for adults is 10-15 mg per kilogram of weight per day. Then, gradually, at intervals of 3-4 days, the amount of medication is increased to reach 200 milligrams per day. These actions help to achieve the best clinical response. It is important to remember that the average daily norm should not exceed 30 mg / kg body weight.

The drug should be used during meals 2-3 times per day.

Depakote should be taken with caution by patients with the following diseases and disorders:

  • blood dyscrasia;
  • brain disease (organic);
  • hypoproteinemia;
  • liver disease in anamnesis;
  • kidney disease.

When taking the drug you should be cautious when doing work that requires high concentration, such as driving.

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The drug Depakote can relieve the symptoms and help to get rid of painful spasms that occur in epilepsy. It helps not only adults, but also the smallest patients.

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