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The drug Depakote

Depakote is a drug for the treatment of epilepsy. Components of the drug increase the concentration of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the central nervous system. This leads to a decrease in excitability and prevents spasms in areas of the brain that are responsible for motor function. Depakote enhances the mood of patients and improves their mental state.

Indications for use

Depakote can help with the following diseases:

  • convulsive syndromes that occur in diseases of the brain;
  • violations and behavioral disorders, as the effects of epilepsy;
  • bipolar disorder or manic depressive psychosis;
  • Children’s teak or febrile convulsions;
  • epilepsy seizures (partial, focal, generalized) with different types of symptoms.

Side effects
When using Depakote, in rare cases there may be side effects that affect various organs of patient.

  • Central nervous system: shaking of arms or hands, change in mental status, mood, behavior, nystagmus, diplopia, incoordination, spots before the eyes. In very rare cases, there is dizziness, drowsiness, restlessness, anxiety and irritability.
  • Digestive system: diarrhea, loss of appetite, weak spasms in the stomach or abdominal pain, nausea and indigestion. There may be cases of constipation and pancreatitis.
  • The system of blood coagulation: bleeding time may increase, thrombocytopenia is possible.
  • The system of metabolism: may change the patient’s body weight (increase or decrease).
  • Gynecology: menstrual cycle can be broken.
  • If you have an allergy to the drug, this allergy can manifest itself a rash.

Should be aware that the side effects are very rare and their occurrence depends only on the characteristics of the individual patient. The drug Depakote has passed all the necessary tests and has the proper certifications.

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